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Protect your Kids

Our objective is to aid parents in shielding their children from negative online experiences, including inappropriate websites and web activities. We are committed to helping parents protect their children from negative online experiences, including accessing inappropriate websites and engaging in risky web activities.

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Monitor and control your children's gaming

Our service aids parents in establishing complete control systems for their children's devices, including time control and game control. Parents who utilize our service gain the ability to set up all-encompassing control mechanisms for their children's devices, enabling them to dictate both usage time and access to games..

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Monitor kids' digital activity from phone

Set up your wifi and safeguard your kids' devices for uninterrupted protection against inappropriate websites. Stay connected to their online activities through your phone, even when you're busy with other tasks.

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Explore our trustworthy selection of games for your little ones.

Some games may not be suitable for children as they can contain hidden issues that may have a negative impact on them.

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